fundraising strategy

Reviewing your fundraising strategy can help you focus more clearly on achieving your aims. You might decide to look at strategic development because of:

  • A change in fundraising staff
  • The need for increased income
  • The feeling that there are missed opportunities
  • A desire to explore one or more potential income streams
  • An awareness that existing programmes are not as cost-effective as they might be

Our experience of strategic development can guide you through the process. Starting with a review of existing activity, we can establish the rationale for fundraising, taking account of future plans and resources, and draft a case for support. This is then used to assess what targets might be achievable from a range of different types of support, such as grant-making trusts, the National Lottery, companies or individuals.

We recommend an inclusive process whereby our consultants guide, advise and work through the planning and decision-making process with staff, service users and trustees, building consensus and a sense of joint ownership of whatever conclusions are reached.

Depending on what has been agreed at the outset, there are usually two stages to a strategic review:


This could comprise:

  • A review of all relevant written material, including that relating to recent fundraising
  • Selective face-to-face interviews with staff, trustees and key supporters

Developing the strategy

What we can do:

  • Develop a persuasive case for support
  • Research into the potential sources of funding available
  • Evaluate different options and methodologies and the implications for fundraising resources
  • Produce a report setting out options and recommendations for action
  • Produce a strategy, with objectives, an action plan, a detailed timetable, a risk management plan, a budget and a resourcing plan

Where next ?

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