Together we can transform opinions

We are a flexible team of employees and associates based across the UK, who bring with us a rich and diverse background. 

What we all have in common is:

  • A work-focused, professional background.
  • Lived experience of a learning difficulty.

We believe that working with people with learning difficulties requires a radically different approach from the class room.  Our coaches, trainers and assessors work in a flexible, performance-based and client led style.  


John-Paul is Inglis Consulting Group's founding director and lead consultant. Over the last 5 years, John-Paul has been responsible for working in a range of fields including education, health, social care and employability. He passionately believes in giving people with learning difficulties a chance to prove their value in the workplace and has seen exceptional results.

John-Paul has lived experience of ADHD and has a BA Hons Special Education.

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