YOU have important work to do. we can help you raise the funds to do it.

We know that as a charity or non-profit organisation your forthcoming campaign must succeed. Today, philanthropic funds are an essential part of the bottom line, not a bonus.

Consequently, every year hundreds of institutions and organisations find fundraising consulting a valuable ally in the increasingly intense competition for philanthropic giving. This is true whether an experienced staff is in place or whether there is little or no staff assigned to advancement responsibilities. 

Inglis Consulting Group will work cooperatively with you to ensure that the leadership within your organization, as well as the dedicated staff and volunteers understand the processes and overall goal and are well prepared to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

When you engage Inglis Consulting Group you will have a lead consultant with whom you will work on a regular basis, and understands what it takes to meet your distinct and dynamic needs.

Sectors we specialise in helping include:

  • Charity and Non-Profits
  • Health and Social Care
  • Primary and SEN schools